Stupid red necks


i miss Teen Wolf every time it goes off, but i don’t know why because when it comes back on i’m just like, ‘this show is shit’ as i continue watching it

I’m going to think out loud for a bit, so bare with me.

Lets say Ward was initiated into Hydra while Garrett was his SO. Before he became a one man army, and before the Battle of New York.

Lets say Ward joins Hydra because as he says, he owes Garrett. Garrett probably recruited him while he was still being tormented by his brother. He got him out of his own personal hell. And probably gave him the tools to get his younger brother out as well, and make sure their older brother never laid a hand on either of them again.

Considering Garrett, and several people during the Winter Soldier mention these events moving their plans up quite a few years.

Lets say Ward got content with his life. He doesn’t mind being alone. Hydra will surface eventually, he doesn’t have to worry. He can be a good Shield agent, and wait for Garrett and Hydra to make the move so he can pay it forward.

Then he finds out THE Agent Coulson is alive. That he wants HIM, Grant Ward, for a team. He meets and cares for these two dopey scientists, that are literally rock stars in their field every bit as much as he is. Bonds with Melinda “The Cavalry” May, who is a bigger legend than even Coulson it seems. And he meets Skye. Ambiguous, mysterious, funny, and smart Skye.

And suddenly Ward isn’t alone. He has all these people. Counting on him. And he’s a terrible liar. A bad actor. So he goes with things. Doesn’t think too much. And suddenly he’s comfortable. He forgets.

Then he sees Triplet’s face

It comes rushing back. What he has to do. Where his loyalties are supposed to lie. And so he drops his good agent act, to give his team time to run. While he figures out how to get out of Hydra before he’s swallowed whole.

I’m sorry i’ve been sorta weird and quiet

I don’t think I’ve had a good day since last Saturday

Who cut their lawn?

Cause I’m gonna set it on fire



(warning, MAJOR spoilers)

I don’t give any shits about GoT but George R. R. Martin tho.

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I love Bruce Wayne but DC’s obssesive crush with him sickens me.

Shots fired



Fuck you Fitz
Fuck you so hard